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West Mids PCC and Cllr John Cotton join the North Edgbaston Ward Forum

Local North Edgbaston councillors were joined by the West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioner - Simon Foster, and the Cabinet member for Social Inclusion, Community Safety and Equalities - Cllr John Cotton, at North Edgbaston Ward Forum on Thursday, 17th February 2022.


This was the first face to face Ward Forum since the Covid19 outbreak and focussed on Policing and Community Safety.  


Carl Rice said,

"It was great to be able to hold a face to face residents meeting. I'm really pleased that Simon Foster and Cllr John Cotton were able to attend. This meant local residents had the opportunity to address key issues of concern with important policy makers." 


Local residents present were told of the Commissioner’s commitment to community policing and the Cabinet member’s determination to work with local residents across Birmingham to tackle the growing problem of anti-social behaviour.


Sharon added,

"The local police work really well both councillors and the community. It was really important for us to create the space for local residents to share first hand their experiences with the Cabinet Member and Police and Crime Commissioner. I was especially keen to make sure we discussed crucial local issues such as exempt accommodation and community policing. " 


Three separate Breakout Groups discussed Exempt Accommodation, Policing and Community Safety.  There was widespread acknowledgement that partnership working involving local residents, the Police, City Council and other agencies is the key to successfully tackling the problem of crime and anti-social behaviour.


It is hoped that local policing consultative forums across the ward can be quickly re-established as we move to the new normal post-pandemic.


Marcus added,

"It's great that councillors are making sure local people have access to the Police and Crime Commissioner. He now has a better understanding of key local issues across North Edgbaston, building on the success of his Walkabout in the Ward earlier this month.”

Many thanks to Simon, John and the many local residents who attended the meeting.


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