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Labour Councillors and residents lobby Council over Deers Leap Park ownership

Councillor Carl Rice & Sharon Thompson, together with local activist Marcus Bernasconi, visited Deers Leep Estate this weekend. After many months of campaigning they can finally celebrate the adoption of Deer's Leap Park by Birmingham City Council.

Councillor Sharon Thompson said

“Deers Leap is a lovely estate and the residents association are proactive in trying to make it the best neighbourhood possible with regular Streetwatch, litter picks and advocacy on behalf of local residents. The issues and confusion around adopted and non adopted land have at times been a nightmare to navigate, leading to delays in getting issues resolved.”

She added

“Birmingham City Council adopting this park is very welcome news. It has taken us a long time to get to this point. Local residents, councillors and MP have all kept the pressure on Persimmons and Birmingham City Council to resolve the adoption of the land."

The Estate was developed by Persimmons who have been engaged in negotiations with the local authority to enable Birmingham City Council to adopt external features on the estate such as lighting, trees and communal areas such as the park.

Birmingham City Council are now fully responsible for the maintenance of the park making it easier for residents to report issues and get them resolved.

Councillor Carl Rice added

“I was really pleased to visit the park today and see that the Council have already put up a new sign with contact details. The adoption has been a difficult and at times frustrating process. Now the adoption has taken place there will be greater accountability. It is now clear what the Council is responsible for and residents will know where to go to get issues addressed."

Local councillors and community activist Marcus Bernasconi spent the morning on the estate. On the walkabout they spoke to residents who were pleased with the news of the adoption.

Marcus Bernascon, who is Labour’s candidate in the local election in May, also added

“It's been great to speak to residents this morning, alongside the Chair of the Deers Lead Residents Association. They are a fantastic group and we will do all we can to support them in making Deers Leap a great place to live.”

See the short video from Sharon and Marus about the adoption of the park


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