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Cllr Carl Rice and Cllr Sharon Thompson lead opposition to Norfolk House Planning Application

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Local residents in St Augustine's Road, Edgbaston have handed a petition to Cllr Carl Rice, opposing plans to convert properties on St Augustine's Road into guest houses. The properties are owned by the neighbouring Norfolk Hotel on Hagley Road, who are looking to extend their business.

The Norfolk Hotel, which has acted as a hostel in all but name, is a major source of complaints for local residents. Police teams in the area have been called to the hotel over 100 times in the last year, highlighting the problem experienced by local residents who simply want peace and quiet.

Carl and Sharon have written to the Planning Committee to oppose the application.

Sharon Thompson said today:

"I have had many complaints about anti social behaviour caused by people living in the Norfolk Hotel. Now the owners want to expand their business into a quiet residential street in Edgbaston.
Residents have collected many signatures opposing the planning application. I hope the Planning Committee accept their heartful pleas and refuse the application which will heap yet more misery on local residents."

Have your say on the Planning Application here


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