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Transform access to care

It is simply unacceptable that because of this Government's choices working people that need care and have assets under £186,000 will have to pay more. Someone with assets worth £100,000, would lose almost everything. Yet someone with assets work £1,000,000 would keep almost everything. The Prime Minister has picked the pockets of working people, to protect the estates of the wealthiest. This shameful reform shows that the Government’s care plans are a complete care con. Working people can see the broken promises, they can feel their wallets hit. We need real leadership and Boris Johnson cannot provide it.

Transform access to care

Your next Labour Government will…

  1. transform access to care - Labour’s plan will make sure every older and disabled person who needs care and support gets it when and where they need it, improving their lives and delivering better value for taxpayers money

  2. Shift the focus of support to prevention and early intervention, with a new principle of Home First

  3. guarantee working age adults with disabilities have choice and control over the support they get, and that their views drive change throughout the system

  4. ensure staff get the pay, terms and conditions they deserve, tackle high vacancy rates, and transform training to improve the quality of care.

  5. create a new partnership with families – so they don’t put their own health and livelihoods at risk just for looking after the people they love -

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