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Tackle the cost of living crisis

Under the Conservatives, the cost of living crisis has spiralled out of control. They’ve built a a low growth, high tax, high price economy and they are completely out of touch with the strain on people’s cost of living. With a new jobs tax, a rise in council tax, a freeze in personal allowance and the cut to Universal credit, they’re hitting working people again and again.

Tackle the cost of living crisis

Your next Labour Government will…

  1. Save households up to £600 per year on energy bills by scrapping VAT on energy and spreading the cost of the supplier failure over 5 years. This will be partly funded with a one-off windfall tax on North Sea Oil and Gas producers

  2. Stop the jobs tax and stop the cut to Universal Credit: We don’t think that working people should take yet another hit from this government’s poor management of the economy.

  3. Urgently grow skills with our plan to buy, make and sell more in Britain. We will invest in our everyday economy as well as growing the skills we need: training as many people as we can and improving working conditions to grow the industries of the future.

  4. Drive up work conditions and pay immediately, with a new deal for working people and improved rights from day one

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