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Stand up for our National Security

Labour is a Party with deep roots in defending this country. Throughout the last century, it’s been working men and women who’ve served on the frontline – Fighting and dying for our country. It was Labour that established NATO and the British deterrent – commitments that have remained unshakeable for every Labour leadership since the end of the Cold War.

Stand up for our National Security

Your next Labour Government will....

  1. Give the highest priority to security in Europe, North Atlantic and Artic, pursuing new defence cooperation with European NATO neighbours.

  2. lead moves in the UN to negotiate new multilateral arms controls and rules of conflict for space, cyber and AI. And We will build up the resilience of British democracy to deal with continuous new ‘greyzone’ attacks in cyber, disinformation and organised crime

  3. make prevention of climate conflict a top priority for our national security strategy and international action

  4. freeze Tory cuts to the Army, review and reverse the numbers if needed

  5. make sure that we stop the waste in botched MOD contracts that has cost the taxpayer £13bn since 2010

  6. direct British defence investment to British industry. We will design in Britain, build in Britain, maintain in Britain with a higher bar set for decisions to buy from abroad.

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