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Labour's Five-Point Energy Security Plan

1) An energy efficiency revolution to insulate 19 million homes in a decade, cut gas imports by 15% and cut bills by up to £400
2) Double our onshore wind capacity to 30GW by 2030, to power an extra 10 million homes
3) Increase offshore wind capacity to at least 75GW by 2035
4) Triple solar power by 2030, back tidal power and further investment in hydrogen
5) End the delay on nuclear power, confirming Sizewell C and backing Small Modular Reactors

Labour's Five-Point Energy Security Plan

1) Energy efficiency revolution

Under the Conservatives, the UK has the least energy efficient housing in Europe, with 19 million homes estimated to be below EPC Band C. Also, since the Tory-Lib Dem Government cut the Green Homes Grant in 2013, home insulation rates have plummeted by 92% - this Grant has not been replaced since 2013.

Labour will

  • Give devolved administrations the power and the resources to bring 19 million homes up to EPC standard C or higher within a decade, saving families £400 a year on their energy bills

  • Create nearly 100,000 jobs in the Midlands through green jobs such as retro-fitting and green manufacturing

  • Cut natural gas imports by up to 15%

2) Double our onshore wind capacity

The Conservatives introduced a moratorium on new onshore wind projects in 2015, which effectively destroyed the market. Between 2016 - 2020, only 16 new onshore turbines were granted planning permission costing the UK 5Gw of energy or £60 per year off the average household bill.

That ban has cost us clean power capacity equivalent to all our Russian gas imports over the same period of time.

Labour will

  • Establish a clear and ambitious target to more than double the current capacity to target to 30GW of onshore capacity by 2030 adding £45bn to the UK economy and creating 27,000 high quality jobs.

  • Bring forward planning reform in England, so that projects that are consistent with the UK’s energy needs and command local support can go ahead.

3) Double our offshore wind capacity

The Conservatives plan to ramp up offshore wind production to 40GW by 2030 are insufficient to meet our energy sovereignty and capacity needs. The plan lacks ambition and investment in floating wind, which has the potential to be one of this country’s most successful exports. Jobs in the supply chains for these industries are also failing to materialise, with the Conservative and SNP Governments letting jobs go abroad.

Labour will

  • Double the national target for offshore wind production, taking fixed offshore wind to over 60GW by 2035 and floating to at least 15GW by 2035.

  • Also keep jobs in Britain with a Buy British policy, raising the requirements for domestic content so jobs go to communities in places such as Scotland and the North East rather than overseas.

4) Commit to new solar, tidal, and hydrogen

On Solar

Labour will triple our solar power with a target of 40GW by 2030 in a mix of rooftop and larger field solar.

On Tidal

Labour will harness the UK’s marine power potential, by returning to the case for a tidal lagoon pathfinder project, as recommended in the Hendry Review.

On Hydrogen

Labour will raise the ambition stated in the Hydrogen Strategy for the UK's hydrogen economy.

5) End the delay on nuclear power

The Conservatives have wasted a decade on nuclear power. The last Labour Government gave the go-ahead for new sites in 2009, but under the Conservatives none have yet got up and running.

Labour will

  • Bring forward the deadline for a Final Investment Decision on Sizewell C to the end of 2022, rather than waiting until the end of 2024.

  • Drive forward the development of Small Modular Reactors between now and 2024.

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