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Give every child access to life-enhancing activities

Give every child access to life-enhancing activities

Your next Labour Government will....

  1. deliver sport, drama, breakfast clubs, debating and a fully expanded range of extracurricular clubs and activities to boost time for children to play and socialise after a decade of declining participation in extracurricular activities.

  2. celebrate the role of organisations like Scouts, Girlguiding, uniformed cadets and community initiatives from across the country to highlight the role of the third sector in helping to realise our aspiration for all children.

  3. deliver its 'Ten by ten' pledge to ensure that every child has access to one of the ten life-enhancing activities (see below) by the age of ten.

Under a Labour Government, every child will get the opportunity:

1. Join in competitive team sports

2. Play an instrument

3. Learn to swim

4. Take part in drama and performing arts

5. Visit the seaside and the countryside

6. Experience museums, galleries and heritage sites

7. Camping trips and overnight residentials

8. Learn to ride a bike

9. Take part in debating

10. Use a library

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