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Deliver a Life and Job-Ready Education

Under the Conservatives, the gap between best- and worst off children has widened again. School funding is lower in real terms in 2022/23 than it was in 2009/10. They have neglected the further education sector, taken opportunities away from young people and closed the door on retraining opportunities for older adults.

Deliver a Life and Job-Ready Education

Your next Labour Government will…

  1. make sure every child leaves school job-ready and life ready. Labour will introduce compulsory work experience, reform the curriculum, deliver new opportunities for digital skills, practical work and life skills, sport and the arts, and give children professional careers adviser, to make sure every child leaves school ready for work and ready for life.

  2. boost the number of outstanding schools in the country by driving up standards and enabling every child to achieve their full potential.

  3. recruit 6,500 teachers to fill vacancies and skills gaps in our education sector

  4. invest £210m in to teacher and school leader education

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