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Buy, Make and Sell more in Britain

The Conservative’s “Oven-ready” Brexit deal has left entire industries facing major labour and skills shortages and has created red-tape bottlenecks that have brought entire industries to a standstill. We’re not able to hire people into the right jobs or keep them there because conditions are poor.

Buy, Make and Sell more in Britain

Your next Labour Government will…

  1. invest in our everyday economy as well as growing the skills we need for the industries of the future

  2. train as many people as we can and improving working conditions

  3. drive up work conditions and pay immediately, with a new deal for working people and improved rights from day one.

  4. make Brexit work, cutting red tape and bottlenecks.

  5. plug the gaps in Brexit deal with an agreement to recognise professional qualifications for services and by seeking a bespoke veterinary agreement to cut sanitary and phytosanitary checks.

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