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Build a healthy society

We went into the pandemic with an NHS already on its knees: with 17,000 fewer NHS beds, 100,000 full-time NHS staff vacancies, hospitals crumbling, public health services cut, GP numbers down so the NHS is in crisis not simply because of Covid. The NHS is in crisis because of the Conservatives

Build a healthy society

Your next Labour Government will…

  1. guarantee mental health treatment within a month for all who need it, see a radical expansion of the mental health workforce, resulting in over a million more people receiving support each year, alongside unprecedented investment in children’s mental health after the disruption of the pandemic.

  2. will deliver the biggest children’s health and wellbeing programme ever seen - supporting children through every stage of their development, whether physical or mental.

  3. invest in quality healthcare with the staff, modern equipment and technology needed to bring waiting times down and we’ll confront the shocking health inequalities that leave those who are poorest, more likely to be less healthy, more likely to die sooner and were the most badly affected by Covid.

  4. fix social care so that those who need it aren’t going without care. We’ll do this through ensuring that more people can access care, and ensuring that people can live in their homes for longer, supported by carers paid the real living wage of £10 an hour they deserve.

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