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Quinton Labour Councillors call for adequate protections around schools in E-Scooter trial scheme

Labour's newly elected councillors for Quinton Ward, Sam Forsyth and Lauren Rainbow, have written to Birmingham City Council's new head of transport, Liz Clements, asking for adequate protections to be put in place around the Queen Alexandra College for the recently introduced Voi E-scooter trial scheme.

The college, which is the ward's only further education college, is learning place to over 300 students with visual impairments, learning difficulties, and physical disabilities. Sam and Lauren have written to Birmingham City Council in response to concerns of college staff and local residents who have highlighted the potential impact of the scheme of blind and visually impaired students.

In the joint letter, Sam and Lauren said

Throughout the Birmingham City Council election campaign this year, we pledged to ensure that Quinton becomes Greener, Cleaner, and Safer. We support more sustainable and affordable transport solutions in Quinton, and we are conditionally supportive of the plan to introduce Voi E-scooters across Quinton Ward, provided that they are safe for our community.

In the letter, they called for the E-scooter scheme to ensure protections including speed restrictions of 12.5mph around the college, designated No Stopping Zones and Parking Bays, and mechanisms to prevent E-scooter drivers riding on pavements - one of the primary concerns of college staff and local residents.

Read the full letter below

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