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North Edgbaston Labour Councillors improve security for residents on Fountain Road

After a year long campaign, local councillors, the police and local residents have secured a security camera at the Carisbrooke and Fountain Road junction to deter and apprehend individuals who have turned the area into a drug dealing hotspot.

Cllr Carl Rice said

"Whilst it has taken a long time to get to this point, we hope the camera will help catch the drug dealers. The local Police are doing all they can but we need to find additional ways to combat important local issues such as drug dealing and speeding. That's why as Ward Councillors we are committed to spending some of our Highways budget on speed cushions on Fountain Road."

The camera was installed this week but some residents remain concerned. In response, Cllr Sharon Thompson arranged for the Police and Crime Commissioner, Simon Foster and Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner, Tom McNeil to meet with local residents to hear their concerns first hand. 

Cllr Sharon Thompson added

"We have a fantastic police team who work with the local community but they have limited resources. We face significant issues particularly from the Hagley Rd in relation to drugs, prostitution and poorly managed Exempt Accommodation. It was great to hear the Police and Crime Commissioner's pledges to rebuild community policing and support our call to Government for tighter regulations and more powers to deal with badly run Exempt Accommodation."

The group walked around the local area with Simon and Tom pointing out the challenges faced. There was widespread recognition for the good work carried out by the police.

Local activist, Marcus Bernasconi also added

“It was great to join the Walkabout and point out the issues faced by local residents. The Street Watch really want to see the best for the area and I want every resident to feel safe and secure living in North Edgbaston. It was important for Simon to hear first hand the impact sex workers and drug dealing is having on the local community. I am pleased he will be joining the next ward meeting." 

On Thursday 17th February 2022, local councillors will be hosting a North Edgbaston Community Safety Ward Meeting. Simon Foster, Police and Crime Commissioner, and Councillor John Cotton, Cabinet Member for Social Inclusion, Community Safety and Equalities will be in attendance alongside the Police and Community Safety Team. For further details of how to join the meeting, please email

Watch the short video of the Police and Crime Commissioners visit to North Edgbaston here


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