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Martin Brooks launches Harborne Labour's cycling plan

Today Martin Brooks, one of your two Labour candidates for Harborne Councillors launches Harborne Labour's priorities for cycling in Harborne.

Martin, a frequent cyclist, said:

"One of my priorities is improving cycling provision for people in Harborne. I’ve been talking to people up and down Harborne, and there are couple of things I’d really like to push as a part of my election campaign. One is to link Harborne to the Blue cycling routes that have already been created in the city. It would mean linking Harborne to the cycle route that goes right in and out of the city centre. It would also mean that people could travel safely both to the local QE hospital and to the University.
Those are important areas that people want to travel to safely. The other thing is there is an e-bike hire facility in Birmingham. It’s not yet available in Harborne, but is available in all the city centre and other parts of the city. If we are able to get an e-bike docking station facility here in Harborne it would mean that people could then pick up bikes here and travel to other parts of the city. So those are two possibilities. If you are interested at all at working with me to get these kind of facilities, share and like this video and get in contact with me and we will see what we can do together for Harborne."

Harborne Labour will push for better cycling connections for Harborne. With the Commonwealth Games just around the corner and a fantastic University just a few minutes away by bike, connecting Harborne to the Blue Cycle Routes would allow residents to easily and safely travel to the University, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and connect with the canals and City Centre via the existing Blue Cycle Routes.

We also want to see the rental bikes expanded to Harborne, with docking stations across Harborne so that residents can make use of the scheme.

Cllr Jayne Francis said

It's really good to see our Martin, who is standing alongside me as one of your two Labour candidates for Harborne, champion cycling. His message will undoubtedly resonate with many residents who are keen cyclists and wanting to support green initiatives. Naturally, as a non-driver (and proud owner of an underused bike!) he has my full support!

Want to support our plan?

We'd love to hear your views. Simply fill in the form below and join Harborne Labour in working to improve cycling in and around Harborne.


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