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Labour-led Birmingham City Council supports the Arts with nearly £3 million of funding

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Birmingham's arts and cultural organisations are the lifeblood of our city

We have a national and international reputation - world-class organisations such as the CBSO and Birmingham Royal Ballet, our wonderful Birmingham Museum and Art gallery - custodians of our historic collection, our theatres and arts centres and a wide range of community-led arts networks, encouraging citizens to engage.

2022 is a hugely important year

The eyes of the world will be on the city this year as we host the Commonwealth Games and there will be a host of events as part of the CWG cultural programme. In addition, our arts and cultural offer is of real significance in attracting visitors, helping support our hospitality sector both in terms of trade and employment. I hope, as we emerge from the pandemic, that we can all support our local organisations and enjoy the wealth of arts and cultural opportunities.

Let's all get out there and ensure these organisations can continue to be economically viable - audiences and visitors are needed now more than ever!

Cllr Jayne Francis,

Harborne Labour Councillor and Candidate

Cabinet Member for Education, Skills and Culture


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