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Harborne Conservative Councillor misleads residents on policing and police stations

Cllr Jayne Francis, Harborne Labour Councillor said:

It has been brought to my attention that the Harborne Conservative Councillor and candidate have been delivering letters to local residents about the proposal to close Harborne Police Station. What the Conservatives in Harborne don’t tell you in their letter is that there are 2,221 fewer police due to the £175 million of cuts by the last decade of Conservative Government. It is time for our Conservative Councillor to come clean about the huge cuts that his party has imposed on West Midlands Police, forcing them to sell Police Stations to raise funds to maintain frontline policing.

Preet Kaur Gill MP, Member of Parliament for Birmingham Edgbaston said:

Nationally, 600 police stations were closed between 2010 and 2018 by the Conservatives, in addition to the loss of 20,000 officers. All of these cuts have consequences - you simply can't replace that level of capacity, experience and expertise overnight.
But we need to give our Police forces a fighting chance of tackling crime. That's why I have fought for West Midlands Police to receive a fair share of funding from Government, and I've worked to keep police stations active and open across the constituency. I'm proud to have saved Edgbaston Police Station from closure and I'm working hard to ensure that Quinton Police Station is kept as a community hub that will prevent crime and support families. Harborne Police Station shouldn't be closed but under the Conservatives, criminals have never had it so good.

Fact Check



"Only the Conservatives are helping to keep our Community Safe"

The Conservative Government have cut £175 million from the West Midlands Police Budget in the last decade

"I was dismayed at the Police and Crime Commissioner's decision to close our Police Station here in Harborne"

The Conservatives have closed 600 police stations in the last decade (

"We particularly welcome the extra 867 Police Officers that have been recruited here in the West Midlands"

The Conservatives cuts mean 2,221 fewer officers in the West Midlands since 2010

"Harborne is 1 of 11 stations the Labour Police and Crime Commissioner is Closing"

The funding cuts of £175 million in the last decade has led the Chief Constable to propose to the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) a plan to protect officer numbers, saving £5 million a year and protecting officer posts from falling by another 100. No police station will close without the local presence being guaranteed. So in Harborne that will mean co-location with another agency or moving into smaller cheaper accommodation. Harborne police station won’t close until this happens and is written into the PCC’s response to the police’s proposals.

Your Labour MP Preet Kaur Gill and Labour councillors will always push for increased funding for front line policing in Harborne and Jayne and Preet, alongside Harborne Labour would welcome your views on policing and where you think we should be focussing.

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