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Your next Labour Government will...

  • Lead by example. Climate action must start at home. By investing £28bn every year until 2030 to tackle the climate crisis, we can protect the planet and create secure jobs in the UK.

  • Support the most vulnerable by reversing the overseas aid cut, delivering and surpassing the $100 billion pledge to help developing countries cut emissions and adapt to climate change, and vaccinating the world's poorest.

  • Protect nature by ending deforestation and ensuring all emissions reduction protects and promotes nature. We also need a robust Net-Zero and Nature Test for all government spending.

  • Mobilise our major businesses by requiring financial institutions and FTSE100 companies to publish their carbon footprint and adopt credible 1.5C-aligned transition plans.

  • Pressure big polluters by calling for 1.5C-aligned targets from the big emitting countries, phasing out fossil fuels, and ensuring a just transition for workers.

Your Labour-led Birmingham City Council is...

  • Building affordable social housing across the city with in-built energy and water-saving measures

  • Enhancing our parks and green spaces through a multi-million-pound scheme in partnership with the National Trust and National Lottery Heritage fund

  • Improving our nature reserves, highway verges, green corridors, lakes, and rivers to make it easier to cycle and walk around the city 

  • Setting out a bold transport plan for the city which is re-allocating road space, promoting active travel that is reducing emissions across the city, and putting hydrogen and electric public transport on the roads

You can play your part by...

  • Insulate your home - Switching from a gas or oil-powered heating system to an electrical heating system can drastically reduce your carbon footprint. From April 2022, there are Government grants up to £5000 available to switch your heating pumps. Also, installing draught-proofing is a cheap and effective way of saving up to £25 a year on your bills. (BBC)

  • Buy British, Eat Organic - Not only is the the quality of food much higher and tastes better, but it also reduces the distance that food travels to our plates, cutting the carbon emissions. It is also an investment in the local economy that sustains local producers and creates jobs (Better Food)

  • Drive Less, Fly Less - Reducing single-person car journeys is one of the most effective ways that we can reduce our transport emissions. Taking small yet positive steps such as walking, cycling, lift-sharing, and catching public transport to your location plays a major role in reducing emissions in your community. And whilst no one wants to ditch the family holiday abroad, you may want to consider flying economy class because this will drastically improve the carbon efficiency of your flight. (BBC)

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